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Computer Tools

Computer tools come in many different kinds. Usually used for computer assembly, maintenance, and disassembly, computer tools can prove to be quite useful for both computer technicians and regular computer users. Computer tools often come in computer tool kits, but they can also be bought separately. This article discusses information on computer tools, covering both basic and advanced computer tools.

Basic Computer Tools

These tools are the computer tools needed for simple computer maintenance and assembly. These computer tools are used for assembling ready-made computer parts. Some of the most common computer tools in this category are a Phillips screwdriver, tweezers or needle-nose pliers, and a hex driver. Other basic computer tools used for cleaning and maintenance are lint-free cloth, can of compressed air, and zip ties.

Advanced Computer Tools

These tools are used for specialized tasks in computer assembly and testing. These computer tools are usually only used by computer technicians or people who are well experienced with computers and computer components. Some examples of advanced computer tools include infrared thermometers, power supply testers, soldering tools, and solderless crimp terminals. There are also various wire and cable testers that test wattage, amperage, and voltage.

Advice When Using Computer Tools

Whenever you open your computer case and use your computer tools for maintenance, assembly, or disassembly, you have to be aware of safety issues and precautions. First of all, always unplug the computer. Secondly, be sure to ground yourself to make sure that no static electricity damages computer components. Thirdly, work slowly and carefully, many computer parts can cause injury because of electric currents and sharp edges.